Welcome to Episode 2. Today, Noriko talks about how things got started with Naho and her adventure using and having fun with English at home. We learn that babies don’t care which language mommy is speaking, because […]

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Hi Everyone! Here is the second type of podcast we are presenting. Each week we will present one podcast with Noriko and Michael who will talk about teaching & learning English at home. The second podcast, like this one, will feature Naho and Michael chatting, showing you some jokes, tongue twisters and more!

In this episode, Naho and Michael are going to […]

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Welcome to our very first English at Home is Fun podcast. In this podcast, Michael and Noriko talk about how the met on Instagram and Noriko’s experience learning English including studying abroad, roommate troubles as an international student and Noriko’s English teaching experience in Japan. Then, Noriko tells us her adventure of raising her daughter, Naho, using both English and Japanese. Now Naho is 9 years old and […]

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