About Noriko, Naho, & Michael


I’m Noriko

I started teaching English for children in 1994. In those days, while teaching English for children, I got the idea that there could be something that parents could do for their child’s English education at home. When my daughter Naho was born, I decided to try to raise Naho using both English and her native language, Japanese. It has really been an amazing adventure for me and my daughter. And so much fun, too! Now, I want to share my thoughts and experiences about English at home with you on this podcast. Please join me!



I’m Naho

I’m nine years old. I’m living in Japan. My mom and dad are both Japanese, but I was raised up in English and Japanese. Now, I’m going to a regular public school in Japan. I was reading books especially when I was three. (when I didn’t understand Japanese much either.)My mom said”why don’t you watch some Disney movies?”but I thought there songs were too loud and scary. So my mom bought a lot of books for me, and read them to me, and I was always listening. And so when I was three, I remembered all the words in the book. I started reading ,not really reading the words at all. I didn’t understand the meaning of those words at all, but I was really enjoying reading. After that, I started to read from the alphabet bit by bit. So now, I’m reading books from the words properly. I really like talking in English with my mom and people from all over the world.



I’m Michael

I am a native New Yorker and I’ve been helping people learn English since the early 1990’s. I began my formal language-teaching career in Sendai, Japan in 1994. Since then, I have worked in the ESL field as an instructor, a teacher trainer, an academic director, and a language school director. In 2004, I earned an MBA in Global Management. Now, I am the owner of Happy English, an English tutoring company in New York City. I teach students from all over the world here in New York, and online in their country. I’m really excited to have the chance to work with Noriko and Naho and help you enjoy English at home!


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