About English At Home

About Learning English

These days, we can easily communicate with each other online. Technology has come home and now smartphones and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook let us share our thoughts and lives with words and pictures. And now, because of our ability to communicate with the world, English is the common language for most people in the world to share with each other.

All parents want to give their children as many opportunities to learn English as possible for their bright future. We know that there are so many choices in front of you and your child. But a many of the English learning systems out there can cost a lot, and not every method will be suitable for your child. But, there is something that you can do with your child right in your own living room. Do you want to know what it is?

Well, it’s the simple idea that “English at home is fun.” We say “fun” because we think that having fun with English at home with your child is more important than just the pursuit of perfection. Among parents, some may worry that their pronunciation or grammar is not perfect and thus they are not able to be good “teachers.” We encourage you to not worry about it. You will be really surprised to see how fluently your own child will be able to speak English. Actually, that’s what happened to Noriko.

When kids take a traditional English lesson somewhere, they only have a short connection with English, so English is separate from their daily life. But on the other hand, English at home keeps the language close to your ordinary life with your child every day. Please join us and try it out.

Why not try reading an English book or practicing a tongue twister with your child? Have fun with it and don’t sweat about perfection. Fun is better than perfection when it comes to English at home. We believe there’s something very special that only parents can do for their children at home in English education.


そんな中、我が子に英語を学べる機会を与えたいと、どの親も思っています。そしてその選択肢は英会話学校、オンライン英会話の先生など、探せばとても豊富にあります。でも、どれもお金がかかることなので、親はとても慎重になりますね。そして、我が子に1番良い方法は何なのかを選ぶのも、簡単ではないでしょう。 でももし、とりあえず、我が子の英語環境を作るために、親にできること、親にしかできない事があるとしたら、それは何だと思いますか?それこそが、あなたの家庭のリビングルームにある、家庭英語なのです。


まずは、お子様と一緒に、英語の本を読んだり、歌を歌ったり、早口言葉を楽しんだりしてみませんか? 正しいとか間違っていると、評価する必要は全くありません。「家庭英語は楽しい」それが私達の伝えたいメッセージです。家庭において、親子にしかできない家庭英語があると、私たちは信じています。よかったら一緒にトライしてみませんか?



A Few Words About Our Concept

A Few Words About Our Concept

We imagine that we are all hikers on Mt. English. We just enjoy the journey by watching beautiful flowers and wonderful views along the way. We don’t need to be a fast hiker to try to win some kind of race. It’s more like a sack race at the family picnic than some kind of marathon.

In the span of a lifetime, the time when parents and children can spend time together is short. We hope that all parents and children make the most of this time enjoying everyday life through English at home. English at home is something to experience and enjoy just for fun. We think it’s good for your child to have the experience of enjoying English in early childhood. The happiness and joy that your child will with you will help to develop their positive attitude for English studying in the future.

You can do this and we are here to help you and guide you along our hike on Mt. English together. We hope that parents trying English at home will get together with us here and on the podcast to share their thoughts and find the best ways we an all experience English at home…is fun!

家庭英語は、正しいより楽しい!! それはまるで、二人三脚をしながら、英語山のハイキングを親子でするようなものです。ハイキングですから、誰かより先に登る必要はありません。ハイキング中は、咲いている花を愛でたり、遠くの景色を眺めたりして、親子の楽しい時間をたくさん過ごせますね。


家庭英語は学校の教科としての英語とは違って、正解ではなく、楽しい気持ちを大切にします。自分の発音に自信がないから私には無理かな?と思う方も多いと思いますが、楽しむために英語の資格はいりません。そして、数年後には、そんなお母様がびっくりするくらい、あなたのお子様が、はるかに上手な英語を話していることと思います。あなたもできます。 そして私達はみんな、一緒に頑張る仲間です。


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