Rhymes are an essential part of English, especially for kids!
Songs are a great way to learn English and practice fluency. Kids love 'em!
Tongue Twisters
Tongue Twisters challenge the brain and the mouth...and..they're fun!

Naho and Michael talk about the STEP test (英検) and her experience taking it and “not” preparing for it. As well, we’ve got a corny joke and a tongue twister. Todays tongue twister is the world famous story of Mr. Peter Piper! […]

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In this episode, Noriko and Michael talk about the elephant in the room. This idiom, “the elephant in the room,” means a topic that is something we should talk about but, nobody is willing to talk about, because they are little uncomfortable talking about it. The elephant that we are going to talk about in this episode is competition. We also talk about […]

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Naho and Michael talk about birds! Swallows make nests in the eves of homes in Japan…do you know why? Naho explains this interesting Japanese cultural point. And of course, there’s a tongue twister! […]

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Noriko and Michael talk about how rhymes are an important part of English, especially in songs and children’s books, like Mother Goose. Rhymes are fun for kids to say and that’s why books like Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss are so popular with kids! […]

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