Rhymes are an essential part of English, especially for kids!
Songs are a great way to learn English and practice fluency. Kids love 'em!
Tongue Twisters
Tongue Twisters challenge the brain and the mouth...and..they're fun!

This is a summary of Noriko’s meeting with moms (including a daddy this time) who want to raise their children in both English and Japanese.

Download the handout (sorry, it’s only in Japanese)

The meeting was in Japanese, so we’ve included a summary in English of what they talked about here:

Noriko talked about the three basic concepts of English education at home. These are the core concepts of our message here.

First of all, […]

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Hi Everyone! Here is the second type of podcast we are presenting. Each week we will present one podcast with Noriko and Michael who will talk about teaching & learning English at home. The second podcast, like this one, will feature Naho and Michael chatting, showing you some jokes, tongue twisters and more!

In this episode, Naho and Michael are going to […]

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